Welcome to Bristol Community Dance Centre

Bristol Community Dance Centre is a registered charity and limited company which has promoted consistent dance activity since 1977 and which is dedicated to the art of dance.

  • We specialise in encouraging people to participate in dance.
  • We promote a wide rage of different techniques focusing on multi-cultural dance forms and process based Contemporary dance styles.
  • We aim to offer a wide public many pathways into dance.
  • We actively seek to remove barriers to participation in dance and challenge stereotypical notions.
  • BCDC serves a city-wide constituency attracting enthusiast and professional dancers from across districts and social boundaries. Participants are also drawn from neighbouring counties and we have a long track record of bringing national and international companies to Bristol. Click here community center dance classes
  • BCDC is the longest running dance dedicated focal point in the UK and has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and for the wide range of artists collaborations and willingness to programme challenging work. We are known for the cultural diversity of our public classes and we offer specialist work opportunities to a range of artists from abroad.
  • BCDC was amongst the first to recognise the specific requirements of dance and dancers. We have fought to restore and develop our current home to meet such needs. There is no comparable facility in Bristol and we have proved the public and professional need and support for our dance dedicated facility and style of management for over 25 years. More info here community center dance classes.