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January 2016
Pop-Up classes

Tuesday 19th & 26th January:

Funky Dance Workout
8:45 - 9:30pm
(all welcome)
with Oscar Anderson

Thursday 21st & 28th January:

7:15 - 8:15pm
(all welcome)
with Sophie Higgs

Flamenco (Beginners)
7:50 - 8:50pm
with Omega

Flamenco (Improvers)
9:00 - 10:00pm
with Omega

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Dear Dance Centre Supporter,

Many thanks for the extraordinary messages of support which continue to flood in following the Council's decision not to grant the Centre an extension of its lease and protected tenancy. We had requested a 3 year lease extension initially in order to bring aboard the new management currently waiting in the wings to take forward 'A Dance House for Bristol'. Their skills and commitment to Bristol having world class Dance facilities are vital to the multimillion Dance House proposal. The Council's decision as things stand puts an abrupt halt to the development of the specialist Dance facilities essential to Bristol ever developing a thriving Dance ecology comparable to those long established, valued and supported across the rest of the UK.

Our multi stakeholders continue to seek clarity on how the Council reached such a far reaching decision for the Centre, its multi stakeholders and for Bristol's already chronically under resourced Dance Sector. Dissatisfaction continues to arise from the Council's standard response to our supporters which is felt to be inadequate. Rest assured that the Centre continues to seek access to all the material contributing to the Council's decision and to hold those in public office accountable for what they are seeking to achieve and why? Obtaining this information will allow the Centre and its multi stakeholders to understand the basis of the Council's decision which has affected so many people's lives. This understanding will also assist in challenging the Council's decision. All we know at the present is that the Council feels that the condition of the premises makes them unable to see how the Centre can form a robust business plan and they are not confident that we can raise the e significant funds necessary on the premises?

Whilst fundraising targets can never be guaranteed we have previously raised 1.6 million on our premises and the new potential trustees have considerable fundraising experience.

Several Centre supporters have asked whether the Council has another purpose in mind for our premises. The Mayor has indicated that the Council intends to sell the Jacobs Wells property on the open market and has instructed Council officers to keep the Centre properly informed. The Centre has in fact asked the Council to consider giving the premises to the people of Bristol as a Community Asset for Dance, owned and managed by the communities it serves. Such transfers are made possible by legislation and the COMA programme launched last April. This pilot has seen the transfer into community ownership and management of some fifty projects across the UK. News of the future of Coma is due to be released in February.

We feel that the community ownership and management of the Jacobs Wells Baths offers a radical and different way forward of supporting Bristol's Dance sector and galvanising all the public support currently being expressed for the preservation of the Centre into the Dance House vision. I feel also that we should be preparing to fundraise to bid for the premises on the open market, subject to the recovery of our evening as recently granted to the 'Fiddlers' venue.

The Council's decision has been made in the knowledge that this will cause the Centre's demise. It therefore seems paradoxical that the Council follow the closing of the Centre by declaring the intent to conduct another of its Dance Reviews. Presumably the Council's review will be aimed at reviving the Art of Dance which it concedes is not what it should be within the City's otherwise supported cultural provision. If the Council sells off the Centre's strategic Dance dedicated facilities whatever funds it may receive will nowhere near meet the investment necessary to start from scratch in the provision of the spcialist dance facilities now needed more urgently than ever following the loss of the Centre.

We must all keep communicating and together. Don't forget to sign our petition anf forward your email details to


All best wishes, let's all keep in touch in order to 'Carry on Dancing.'

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